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Cindy Garcia


Cindy works Monday - Saturday 


Initial consultation (1hour): £65
Follow up (1hour): £60
Follow up (30min): £40
10% off when booking 6 or more sessions

Physiotherapy treats a number of conditions and injuries and can support you in rehabilitation, managing pain and restoring health.

Some of the conditions a Physiotherapist can treat are;

Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Sport injuries, Ankle sprain, Tendonitis, Fracture, Massage, Manual lymphatic drainage, Manual lymphatic drainage in pregnancy and after birth, Cerebrovascular accident/stroke, Traffic accident whiplash.

Physiotherapy is used to restore normal movement, and it offer pain management, joint mobilization and techniques to reduce pain.

Your first consultation will involve a full assessment to give you a thorough and accurate diagnosis, we can then start treating the condition and offer appropriate exercises to support and improve your condition.

Treatment depends on the individual, and some may only need one treatment compared to someone else who will need a serious of six to ten treatments.

All our Physiotherapist are Chartered and HPC Registered.


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