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Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

Lou Tassell


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£75 - includes a 15 minute pre-session consultation, 60 minute session plus personalised EFT techniques and wellness recommendations to use anytime

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - A natural tapping therapy to manage emotions

Our mind is such a powerful part of us and our wellness. We are made like onions - with many layers of emotions and beliefs! Our brains are designed to constantly evaluate risk and danger - remember all those events when we felt uncomfortable or unsafe? So it is no surprise that this pre-programming dictates our behaviour. As we let our mind give us a hard time, this affects the way we feel about ourselves, the way we behave with others, can prevent us from reaching our goals in life and can damage our overall well-being.   

The way to move away from unhelpful emotions such as "I'm not good enough" and "I can't do that" to thinking positively is to understand your own 'onion layers' and learn effective ways to manage your emotional reactions. You are able to change this by understanding what drives this, which is your emotions and beliefs system. 

With EFT you can say hello to feeling positive!

Who can benefit from Tapping Therapy

We can all benefit from EFT, children and adults. Tapping Therapy can help with any emotional or physical issue, especially stress and anxiety, physical pain, addictive cravings, confidence problems and painful memories. It is like having a volume button for your unhelpful emotions - it allows you to turn them down and enables you to move forward.

What can Tapping Therapy help with

Lou uses tapping therapy to help you to -

  1. Deal with different emotions, one at a time, keeping the tapping therapy focused and effective

  2. Clear and reduce unhelpful emotions

  3. Access positive emotions and empowering beliefs

  4. Reveal the power of your mind

  5. Show you effective skills to manage your emotions, whenever and wherever you are

Tapping Therapy for health


Tapping therapy is not a replacement for your Doctor’s advice, however Tapping will allow you to address the deeper emotions that can contribute to your pain, stress or specific symptoms. By combining both approaches you have the chance to achieve the lasting pain relief or symptom relief that you deserve.  So you can start to feel the way you want to feel.

Lou uses different techniques that can help you to:-

  1. Connect you to your body to understand why you are feeling the way you are

  2. Manage and reduce pain

  3. Improve breathing to reduce anxiety and energy flow

  4. Encourage the body to help itself by showing it what you want it to do

Tapping Therapy for children

The stress and emotions our children experience today can be immense. Tapping is a wonderful tool for children as it allows them to be reassured that their emotions are important and to discover that they have the in-built ability to change how they feel, anytime. In today's world, I believe that this is a tool that every child needs.  

In the sessions, I explain how emotion affects our body and behaviour. I work with the children to show them how to turn upset feelings such as anger, worry, sadness, self-esteem into calm and happiness, which is what being a child is all about.

The session is very interactive and I use a variety of tools to really connect with your children at their level, including:-

  1. Using their own favourite toys or characters to talk about their different emotions

  2. Drawing

  3. Creating their own visual 'feel-o-metre' that they can use to rate their feelings

Appointment notes

It is important for us to get to know each other and talk about your wellness goals. From our initial consultation to the end of the treatments, I am here to listen, answer any questions and support you.


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Lou Tassell - Reflexology

Lou is a qualified, experienced and fully insured Advanced EFT (Tapping) Practitioner and Reflexologist. She understands the many physical and emotional challenges that we have to deal within our working life and in our personal life. As a Natural Wellness Specialist she uses Reflexology and EFT to help people of all ages achieve optimal wellness. Lou works with many clients dealing with a variety of emotional and wellness concerns and specialises in helping adults and children with stress related, pain related and sleep related issues. She also shows parents specific reflexology techniques that they can use to comfort and bond with their baby or toddler. Lou is a member of the AAMET, the professional body for EFT and the Association of Reflexologists.

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