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Shareen Binns


Fridays 12pm - 5pm

Alternate Saturdays


Initial Consultation (1hr15mins) £65

Follow Ups (1hr) £65


Couples (1hr15mins) £85

Couples Follow Ups (1hr) £85


Children Under 16yrs £50 (first appointment to be accompanied by Parent/Guardian, then alone, if consent received from Parent/Guardian)


Hypnosis for Pain management/reduction – (12-week programme available) £780


Hypnosis for Weight Reduction/Management (8-week programme with optional 9th gastric band session) £520


Smoking Cessation (£250 - inclusive of two sessions: first session 2 hours, second reinforcement session 1 hour)


FREE 10 Minute Appointments Available Upon Request via TEL. or VIDEO CALL

This is a type of talking therapy, whereby regular interaction with your therapist could help you to understand your feelings, and what makes you feel positive, anxious, or depressed. Modern psychotherapy benefits from compassionate human perspectives, and draws upon neural science and child development, as well as situational and empathic insight. Sessions may be one-to-one, as a couple, or in groups (e.g. family sessions).

Added forms of communication include art therapy, psycho education and specific trauma reducing techniques. These are addressed to help with a range of challenges, from depression and low self-esteem to addiction, emotional challenges, family disputes and some psychiatric disorders. 

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Shareen Binns - Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Shareen is a registered Hypnotherapist and Level 5 accredited Therapeutic Life Coach with over 15 years’ experience of helping people to transform their lives. Her approach is unique, person centred, yet collaborative, drawing upon a variety of techniques such as CBT, EFT, Psychodynamic Analysis, NLP and Hypnosis. Using these techniques, Shareen has been successful in helping individuals to overcome phobias, process and deal with trauma, address substance misuse, build and maintain better relationships, increase their confidence and achieve their goals.

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