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Dislocated ribs, displaced joints in neck and back, repetitive strain injury 

I would without hesitation recommend everyone to my osteopath David Melrose. He was originally recommended to me by a doctor-friend nearly 20 years ago, and during the last 20 years has "rescued" me many times after various mishaps. He has treated diverse problems such as dislocated ribs, "locked" muscles or displaced joints in neck or back, repetitive strain injury in arm, and has also much-alleviated a chronic (not entirely curable) muscle-weakness problem resulting from an old abdominal injury. His use of Applied Kinesiology inspires confidence, in exact pinpointing of the location of damage or displacement even when symptoms are puzzling and obscure. In fact I don't understand why this wonderful extra tool for diagnosis and treatment is not eagerly sought-after by all osteopaths.

Client: C. M Thomas (Richmond, Surrey)

Practitioner: David Melrose

Back pain, Stomach problems and Herpatic neuralgia

David Melrose has treated most of my family ( babies to grannies) with great success. Problems dealt with include back problems - trapped nerves - injuries - allergies and stomach problems. Recently he has helped alleviate the pain of post herpatic neuralgia - when others had given up.

Client: Lisane Radice

Practitioner: David Melrose

Upper arm pain and muscle spasm

On a Sunday afternoon I suffered an acute muscular spasm to my left upper arm leaving me in excruciating pain and without use of my hand or arm.

By 9 o’clock the following morning, I had secured an emergency appointment with David Melrose at the Aston Clinic. After only the first treatment I was able, still with some difficulty but bearable pain, to have limited use of both hand and arm.

Two further treatments over the next 10 days found me with fully restored use in both my hand and arm, together with a greatly improved mobility to my left shoulder which I had not experienced since injuring it in a fall seven years previously.

As a result, not only of this most recent treatment but by availing myself of his skill and expertise over many years, I am very happy to recommend the services of the Aston Clinic and David Melrose in particular.

The trauma arising from a sudden mishap is greatly relieved when one is able to call upon such professional and sympathetic help. 

Client: Mr. R.L.E.(Surbiton,Surrey)

Practitioner: David Melrose

Inflamed muscles

I suffer from inflamed muscles in my upper body, they are a constant source of pain and keep me awake at night.

Carol has developed a massage program for me, specifically to relax and soothe the inflamed muscles in my shoulders and upper arms and back. My fortnightly massages are the only treatment I have come across to effectively reduce my level of pain!

Carol's massage succeeds where physiotherapy, steroid injections, so called pain-killers and other conventional treatments, have repeatedly failed during many years of debilitating pain."

Client: Ken

Practitioner: Carol Melrose

Lupus autoimmune disease

Where do I begin?

I was introduced to Reiki through a relative of mine, she explained how it had helped her and that it might do the same for me.

I have been having Reiki sessions for over a year and a half now and I can honestly and truly say it has changed my life.

I suffer from Lupus an autoimmune disease and with it comes very bad anxiety.

Reiki has given me the tools to reduce my anxiety and keep it in check. It helps me function on a day to day basis with any obstacles that come my way.

It has helped my sleep both in getting off to sleep to having a non disturbed night and waking up refreshed, which I never thought possible given my illness.

Reiki has also helped me come to terms with my past, to deal with it, confront it and move on from it a stronger person.

Of course all this would not be possible without a great teacher. Carol has helped me every step of the way, how to use Reiki, how to let it help me.

It has changed my life for the better and Reiki will always be a part of my life

Client: Betul

Practitioner: Carol Melrose

I am extremely happy with my treatment

Client: Ms L.C.

Practitioner: David Widdowson

Excellent session with Mr Widdowson. Thanks. 

Client: Mr R.P

Practitioner: David Widdowson

Reduce stress during breast cancer treatment 

It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Carol Melrose, my Reiki practitioner.  I first met Carol with little knowledge of Reiki but was open to a complementary therapy that would help with  stress and of personal exhaustion, partly due to my recent diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent chemotherapy treatment. 

Carol’s calm experienced persona and her generosity in listening and also explaining Reiki were evident from our first meeting.  This professional and warmly supportive environment has offered me the space to experience the deep sense of energy and healing that arise from her Reiki sessions. I am certain that joining Carol for Reiki would be of value to anyone seeking physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Client: Heather (Surrey)

Practitioner: Carol Melrose

Muscular, postural and Digestive problems 

As a family, we have benefited from David Melrose's expertise for very many years.  He is always our first port of call and unerringly diagnoses and corrects any problems, be it skeletal, muscular, postural, digestive etc........

He has a wide knowledge and understanding of remedies he can draw on as well as massage and osteopathy.  

I would highly recommend anyone to make an appointment and consult him.

Client: Pauline Shepheard Walwyn (Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey)

Practitioner: David Melrose

Frozen Shoulder 

After being involved in a car accident and then falling onto my hands, my right arm really suffered. I found driving very difficult as I couldn't lift my arm with out it trembling and hurting. I wasn't sure about having acupuncture, so Liz used her knowledge of the meridians and acupoints and massaged my back and arm. The injury was quite bad, recovery took a while, but now I just come along every month to have a maintenance treatment. I am so pleased as I really didn't think my arm would ever improve.

Client: Karen (New Malden)

Practitioner: Liz Xerri

Nutrition to support boxing and sports 

My name is Giancarlo Bentivegna, I am a professional boxer and currently live in Palermo (Italy) and train at Popolare Palermo Gym which is affiliated with the Italian Boxing Federation (FPI). I began this sport as an amateur in 2008 at the age of 25 despite many people considering my age to be a disadvantage trying to pursue a successful career in this discipline. For three consecutive years I won the regional championships and reached the semi-finals in 2012 and then went on to reach the quarterfinals in 2013. Since becoming a professional boxer in March 2014 I have had 3 matches, all 3 of which resulted in me winning with a KO. My sports scores are definitely linked to a combination of hard daily training and a nutrition and supplementation program tailored to my needs. Regarding my results I must thank Simone whom I have known for 5 years now, since the beginning he’s demonstrated his willingness to support my team and thanks to his advice and his professionalism I feel plenty of energy during training sessions and matches. I am also able to manage my body weight before having a match, avoiding dangerous practices that often occur in our industry. Everybody who knows Simone is well aware of how much he loves his job, how much he desires to become a well-recognized Nutritionist and that this is one of the reasons why he moved to the UK…unfortunately for us!

Client: Giancarlo Bentivegna (Professional boxer)

Practitioner: Simone Benedetti

Diet and advice to support running 

I am Silvia La Barbera and I am currently competing as a professional athlete with the Army sport group in Italy. Before I was a professional athlete at the age of 18 I participated at the European Championships on the track of Tampere in 2003, winning the 5000 m with a time of 15'52 "20 (which is still the Italian record for this category until this day). Two years later I also took part in the European under 23 Championship on the track of Erfurt and achieved the bronze medal in the 5000 m. At the age of 21 I became a professional athlete managing to improve my personal results: 3000 m 9'08 "10 (Manchester 2004) 5000 m 15'46 "27 (Firenze 2004) 10000 m 34'29 "00 (Ancona 2010) Half Marathon 1h16'12 " (Catania 2010) My personal goal for 2015 is to train as hard as I can in order to improve my standard of results, maintain my position in the Italian national squad and then go on to participate in the World Championships in Guiyang and in the Italian Cup for the 10,000 m on track. I am pleased to write my testimony for Simone Benedetti with whom I have spoken recently, he expressed how passionate and enthusiastic he is to widen his knowledge within your staff. I have known Simone for almost 3 years and he’s undoubtedly a professional and serious therapist who also loves training and to keep fit himself. When we first met in 2012 he helped me to achieve my weight and body composition goals and based on my training schedule he also suggested what to eat before, during and after training in order to maximize my performance. I have the deepest personal and professional esteem for Simone, so I sincerely recommend him.

Client: Silvia La Barbera (Professional athlete)

Practitioner: Simone Benedetti

Pelvic prolapse 

Due to my prolapse I was becoming incontinent when passing motions and I was leaking. I asked David Melrose if he could do anything to help, thinking it was probably very unlikely.To my surprise he said very confidently that he could deal with my problem. I went back to him after a week of having no incontinence though the leaking hadn’t stopped. He asked if I’d noticed an improvement. I told him that I’d had a good week but I was doubtful it had anything to do with his treatment.

The next week when I went back I had to admit I had no incontinence at all. He laughed and said he could see I’d been very doubtful that any improvement was due to him. For the next six month’s I had absolutely no incontinence and gradually the leaking stopped. It was wonderful to feel back to myself again.

I’ve recently been a bit careless carrying heavy objects which someone with a prolapse shouldn’t do, so I’ve had a slight relapse, but David is working on it again and says it will go completely or at least the symptoms of it will go. Already I have noticed a difference and I am absolutely delighted and would recommend anyone with this problem to go to him. 

Anne (New Malden)



Client: Anne (New Malden)

Practitioner: David Melrose

Herbal medicine to childs immume system

The first time I visited Seren was nearly two years ago. I had a 2 years old girl whose immune system was quite weak after several cycles of antibiotics.

Seren understood the issue and gave us the correct treatment to burst the immune system of the little one. Since then my daughter’s health has improved enormously. She became much stronger and resistant and the symptoms of any illness became weaker.

Seren is a very professional and knowledgeable homeopath; I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.



Client: Lucia Mum

Practitioner: Seren A. Razak

Sjogrens and Lupus Disease

David Melrose was recommended by a fellow Sjogren's / Lupus sufferer.  She said that he had enabled her to be less reliant on her medications and therefore lessen their side effects.  Sjogren's and Lupus are very debilitating autoimmune conditions and there is no cure.

After a very thorough and detailed consultation with David, I left very uplifted.  He was the first person to actually enquire about how I felt, not just physically but emotionally and mentally.  He is treating the whole of me not just one area.

I can honestly say that within a day or two of starting my treatment the nasty asthmatic cough I had through Sjogrens had started to ease dramatically - after 6 weeks now, it has gone.  Completely - even when I am stressed.

 Nasty side effects from taking my medication for Lupus have gone also.

I am so grateful to have found David Melrose and I have no hesitation in recommending The Aston Clinic.

Client: Carol Evans

Practitioner: David Melrose

Anxiety and Depression​

 was unimaginably fortunate to have met Sarah in 2010 after I had lost my mother to cancer. I was in excrutiating emotional pain. Swaying daily between anxiety, depression guilt, deep despair and insomnia. I really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my world as I had known it had collapsed. On reflection I remember that I had almost crawled into Sarah’s room seeking some relief from my pain.

I continued seeing Sarah for a year, at that point in my life her consultation room was the only place I felt safe, understood and nurtured. She was exceptionally supportive and compassionate, it was so clear to me that her approach to work was far beyond that of working with the mind and body, Sarah is a truly gifted healer working from her heart,  I always walked away from our sessions feeling she gave me her all,  so much more then I had thought possible from another human-being in a professional capacity.

Over the years, in our sessions there were many tears, laughter and so many aha moments, where I had gradually began to see the light again, my wounded heart could open a little more and my mind could turn that corner, to see things a little differently,   

Sarah helped me to be ok with my struggles, my wounds and the grieving process I was going through. Thanks to Sarah’s help I’m in a stronger place today, I am no longer paralysed with anxiety and depression, I am able to make plans for the future and look forward to creating a life that makes me fulfilled and happy, 3 years ago it was a very different story. I still miss my beautiful mother, she was my world and that doesn’t change today, what has changed today is that I realise life has its ups and downs, and loss is a part of life but we can heal, learn and grow stronger. Sarah helped me to make that transition in my life. I am forever grateful to her and her ability to heal others is profound.


Client: Helen

Practitioner: Sarah Hall

Phobia and OCD

From the moment you walk into the room you feel the warmth of Sarah's personality. She is very good at assessing how to help you and does it with gentle steps. She has been an enormous help and encouragement to me as we have worked together on my phobia and OCD. I recommend her very highly indeed.


Client: Tracy

Practitioner: Sarah Hall

Quit Smoking

Sarah helped me to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in 2010. I still see her from time to time for anxiety. I am still a none smoker!


Client: Steve

Practitioner: Sarah Hall

Baby Reflexology 

During my session with Lou she showed me how to do reflexology moves on my daughter's feet to help with her digestive issues as well as relaxation and sleep techniques. It was so nice to learn how do these correctly and confidently on my daughter's feet and to see her respond so positively. It's great as I can use them at anytime to help her or relax her. Lou has showed me how to comfort, support and bond with my baby every day which is a very special thing.  




Client: Christine E, Surbiton

Practitioner: Lou Tassell


Lou suggested a session of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help me reduce the intensity of the emotions I was feeling but I didn’t quite know what to expect. During my first tapping session I was amazed what we found out about where some of my emotions came from, it felt like such a release. Lou was amazing how she led me through the thought process and step by step we pretty much got rid of the main negative feeling. I walked out of the session with a massive weight off my shoulders, a smile on my face and flabbergasted about how much we had achieved in a single session. 



Client: Sandra H, Kingston

Practitioner: Lou Tassell


I had just moved to London from Scotland. My husband’s job became tenuous overnight, due to the market crash. I had left my children in Scotland studying in Uni. On top of this my beloved grandmother was dying. My life was in limbo. I was reluctant to make a new life in London as we were not going to be here long, or so I thought. I was still craving my old life – I was homesick and missed my family terribly!

Loanne recommended I try a Breakthrough Coaching session. I was curious and excited at the same time. She helped me to realise how important it is to live in the present, the future is not guarantee and the past is gone. Loanne used the Timeline Therapy method to help me see my life as a whole and how I would live so that I have no regret at the end and how I could make the most of the time I have left and live life to the full.

I found myself throwing myself into making a new life in London. I feel fulfilled and have never been happier. The Coaching Session with Loanne was astonishingly emotional for me, which did take me by surprise because I am not a spiritual person, however, the experience was wholly therapeutic. I left feeling a renewed vigour for life.


Client: Lorraine Brydie

Practitioner: Loanne T Hor


Coaching with Loanne allowed me to accept that I cannot live someone else's life for them and that I am not responsible for the mistakes they make. I have learned to forgive myself for not being perfect and now I am a much more calm and balanced person. Thank you Loanne, you have given me my life back.


Client: Val Andrews

Practitioner: Loanne T Hor


I had already read lots of self-help books, watched videos and listened to audios. Through all mediums I have learned from, nothing beats having Coaching from Loanne, she really listened and understood the vision I have for my life.

Loanne's calm positive approach helped me realised I could do anything I wanted, and how to feel happy and wealthy NOW rather than when I’ve achieved my goals. This put me in a much better state of mind and I now make choices out of abundant rather than of lack. She also helped me to create a plan of actions that I need to take, to create the life I want to live.

I'm now leaving my current workplace and country to pursue my dream of opening my own business and to be with my wife and daughter.




Client: Max Scott

Practitioner: Loanne T Hor

Cranial Osteopathy 

I can honestly say that Steve plays a big part in my wellbeing, not only plysically but mentally, I am feeling much better as a result of his fantastic and amazing work and his caring nature.

Client: Liz Whynam

Practitioner: Steve Bell


I think David Melrose is brilliant. Over 12 years I have found him unfailingly kind and patient and his treatments successful. Every time I leave feeling better and a visit is well worth the 100 mile round trip.



Client: RH

Practitioner: David Melrose

Shoulder and Hip Pain and lower back pain

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the results of the treatment I had from David Melrose.

Nearly a year ago I suffered acute pain in my shoulder caused by repetitive movement and overuse of an electric drill. I did not wish to take pain killers but instead I chose to visit David’s clinic regularly  for a few months. Just as my shoulder was getting better I had an accident in the underground. The train doors suddenly closed, as I was boarding the train, and  hit my shoulder where I was having treatment. It was a Friday afternoon and though  David was fully booked he found time to treat me and thus avoid further damage. My shoulder id back to normal and I don’t have any more discomfort.

During this period I had other problems which David was able to treat.

These were as follows.

An internal stye on the underside of the eye lid, and as I chose not to have it opened and drained I settled for an eye wash solution which David prescribed. The stye disappeared with in a few weeks only to reappeared, this time externally, on the other eye and similar treatment was suggested. This went away very quickly.

Due to the kind of work I do I woke up one morning with acute muscular pain on the lower back which David managed to significantly reducing the pain.

I thought I had what seemed hip pains, especially first thing in the morning, but according to David this was not the case. The pain was caused by lack of flexibility of the muscles in the foot. The “hip” pain has disappeared .

Trigger finger. There have been suggestions (by others) to have cortisone injection or even an operation but I didn’t want that. When I spoke to David he was willing to try  physiotherapy which improved bend movement.


Client: Michael Minas

Practitioner: David Melrose

Struggling to walk

I came in to see Mr Melrose after struggling with my walking. 

Mr Melrose's healing hands worked wonders. 

I walked in limping and walked out with a brisk walk and no pain, I feel he's taken 10 years off my age! 


Client: Frances Sapsford

Practitioner: David Melrose

Severe back pain

David Melrose first treated my severe back pain over 25 years ago when doctors could only offer minimally effective pain medication.  I had crawled into his surgery after days of pain and diazepam.  After taking a medical history he told me to get on the examination table then stood watching - without any offer of help - while I struggled to do this.  He then performed a procedure which seemed to me to crack my spine before telling me to get up and walk around! I looked at him in sheer disbelief and at this point I mentally vowed this would be my first and last visit.  However I tried, and to my amazement I could not only walk properly, but without pain.  I still ached, but after a few more treatments I was totally pain, ache and medication free.  I remained so for many years.

I am over 70 now and see David for occasional minor relapses or ‘maintenance’ treatment and some other age related issues.  He effectively employs a range of techniques to diagnose and treat many different conditions.  He has kept me mobile and has helped with my general health. 

I have recommended David to a number of friends all of whom have benefited from his expertise.


Client: Lyn Baker

Practitioner: David Melrose


Since I was in my teens I have suffered from scoliosis which require surgery (spinal fusion). I had to wear a plaster jacket a metal brace and finally had a harrington rod inserted . Whenever I exercised too much my back would go into a spasm causing me to stoop to one side which was very uncomfortable, the only way to overcome this was to hang from the door frame, which seemed to be just the correct size for me to have feet flat on floor. At an aqua class I over stretched and instantly knew I had injured myself and I ended up suffering from siatica and it was excruciating. I could hardly put a foot in front of one on other . After suffering for a few weeks I seeked help from David Melrose who worked his magic and helped to reduce the pain and stiffness and after a few weeks I was totally pain free walking better than I had for years and better still I have not had any back spasms. 

Would highly recommend David Melrose at the Aston clinic

Client: Hazel Taylor

Practitioner: David Melrose


My daughter Lily was suffering from sever migraines that would happen without warning, she would go blind in her left eye.   The migraines would last for up to 4 days.  Liz asked when these migraines would happen and we realised that they were happening when Lily was either mid cycle or having her period.

One of my work colleagues suggested the Aston Clinic as she had been there for different symptoms; she said we should give it a go.

We were introduced to Liz just over three months ago and we haven’t looked back.  She made Lily and myself feel at ease straight away. And always explained everything before she did anything.

Liz used NAET testing and found three things that Lily was sensitive to: sugar, sweeteners and hormones.   She suggested Lily have acupuncture as she thought it would really help her.  Lily is frightened of needles, but Liz talked her through it, putting her at ease.  She never used more than five needles.

We attended the clinic every two weeks and almost immediately noticed improvements.

Lily had had some diarrhoea during one of her periods; Liz explained that she thought that this was her body trying to rid itself of the stagnation that was causing the migraines.  She had no further diarrhoea and most importantly, she hasn’t had a migraine since October.

It has only taken a few short months and Lily is really seeing the benefits, thanks to Liz.  She was amazing throughout Lily’s treatment, by being so friendly and welcoming to us both.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who was thinking about giving acupuncture a go. 


Client: Migraines (Lilly)

Practitioner: Liz Xerri - Acupuncturist and NAET Practitioner

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