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Salma S Khan - Nutrition Consultant & Health Writer


- Monday To Saturday
- Including Late Evenings
- Skype Or Telephone Consultations Available When Required

Our Resident Nutritionist Ms Salma S. Khan provides advice on a broad range of nutritional issues including the following areas of health and wellbeing;

  • Weight Management (Both Weight Loss & Weight Gain)
  • Skin Health (Acne, Eczema & Anti-Aging Strategies
  • Hormonal Issues (e.g. PCOS)
  • Digestive Health
  • Food Allergies & Intolerances (Involves Food Intolerance Testing)
  • Migraines (Can Be Hormone or Food Related)
  • Preconception Care & Fertility Issues (For Both Women & Men)
  • Inflammatory Conditions such as MS & Gout
  • Issues With Energy & Mood (Increasing Resilience To Stress With Nutrition)
  • Children’s Health (e.g. ADHD & Autism)
  • Advice For Recreational & Professional Athletes

Salma also practices from Harley Street in London, and is well known in the nutrition industry.

Prior to meeting with Salma, clients are requested to complete a health questionnaire. The initial session involves a thorough history taking based on the health questionnaire, followed by expert advice. Follow-up sessions involve further discussions and advice, including lab testing interpretations.

After each session clients are emailed a bespoke nutritional plan that consists of various documents such as an eating plan, visual food ideas, supplement recommendations, suggestions for nutritional testing and a detailed client report highlighting areas to improve on.

Salma is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT). She is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and is also an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

Free 10 Minute Nutrition Assessment (Via Telephone Or Face To Face At The Aston Clinic)

Initial Consultation Fee (1 Hour Session):                                     £150

Follow-Up Consultation Fee (1 Hour Session):                              £95

Double Nutritional Package (Consisting Of 2 Consultations):       £210

Triple Nutritional Package (Consisting of 3 Consultations):          £300


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