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Nikky Dugdale - Reflexology


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Reflexology may be a wonderful way to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with busy and stressful lifestyles. Nikky does her best to ensure that you leave the clinic in a relaxed state. She also show her clients some self-help techniques that may help with general anxiety and stress.

Reflexology seeks to support the well-being of individuals - It does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. It is a very individual treatment to which each person may respond differently.

Initial Session: 1 hour £50

Follow-Up Sessions 45 minutes £45

Nikky uses specific reflexology techniques that have been developed to support children and adults with high levels of stress and anxiety, specifically those with educational needs and disabilities, those with autism spectrum disorders and complex needs, as well as those with alzheimers and dementia. 

Nikky's Qualifications:

- Diploma of Reflexology 

- Hand Reflexology

- F.R.T. ( Functional Reflex Therapy )

- MAR ( Member of Association of Reflexologists )

- Fully Insured Reflexologist

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