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David Widdowson - Chiropodist

Experience: David has been offering chiropody treatment at the Aston Clinic every Tuesday and each alternate Wednesday and Saturday since February 2002. The Saturday and Wednesday clinic is also available for under 17’s and over 60’s at a lower fee. He also offers a home visiting service to those patients unable to make visits to the clinic.

Qualifications:  He qualified as a Chiropodist with the SMAE Institute in November 1999 entitling him to join the British Podiatry Association. (The SMAE Institute is the UK’s oldest college of chiropody, some 90 years in existence.

In January 2004 he was registered with the new State registration body the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  Reg No. CH17332

Each year David completes Continual Development Training courses to keep himself up to date with the latest treatments and legislation.

He is registered under the Data Protection Act. Reg No.Z7031812

Treatments:  Main treatments covered are verruca removal, ingrown nails, corn removal, callous reduction and fugal infections of the foot or nail. Also diabetic foot care and difficult to cut nails are regularly dealt with.
David offers the latest verruca removal system using the Dentron Bio-gun that offers, usually, pain free removal of the virus. Up until now the most often used treatment was Cro-Surgery (freezing the skin tissue surrounding the verruca) this can lead to the development of corns in weight bearing areas. The Dentron Bio-gun is a much gentler and skin-friendly treatment and is likely to require only one visit to the clinic. A full treatment plan is issued to each patient to ensure complete eradication of the verruca at home without further expense.

Private Health Insurance: All of the treatments offered by David qualify for reimbursement from Simply Health (Hospital Savings Association (HSA)).

Survey: A confidential questionnaire survey was carried out in 2003 asking Aston Clinic patients to rate their satisfaction with the treatment they received using a
1. Poor,  2. Satisfactory, 3. Good  or  4. Excellent score rating.

For chiropody the results were;
Poor 0%,   Satisfactory 0%,   Good 40%,   Excellent 60%

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