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Angelique Vickers - Medical Herbalist


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Angelique Vickers graduated with a BSc in Herbal Medicine with First Class Honours from the University of Westminster.  As a medical herbalist she practises holistic medicine with an aim to treat the underlying causes of illness, thus helping to restore the body to a natural state.

With over 500 clinical hours of training and having studied alongside natural plant medicine, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology and Pathophysiology and Clinical Skills, Angelique is happy to liaise with other healthcare practitioners and GPs on behalf of clients. 

She has experienced the effectiveness of plant medicine first-hand and has seen that herbs can make a big difference in health, energy and quality of life; although they act gently on the body they are powerful therapeutic agents.  

Angelique has an interest in digestive complaints, cardiovascular conditions, chronic disease, hormonal issues, menopause, stress and anxiety related conditions, sleep disturbances and skin complaints and has carried out specialist research in IBS and also, reflux, chronic fatigue, PMS and gynaecological conditions, immune deficiency, toxicity and allergies.  

She also has experience supporting immunity over the winter months and increasing energy and well-being. Angelique can assist with excess weight by correcting underlying imbalances.  She supports the therapeutics with appropriate nutrition recommendations. 

Her approach is highly personalised and holistic with a view to optimising the overall health and wellbeing of clients. 

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