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Wellness Marathon Tip 4

Plan ahead and imagine yourself overcoming your barriers to training.

Fitting in runs over a busy week can be challenging, especially when you are tired and busy with work or family.  Spend time identifying the barriers which make it harder to get out and train, and work out which are practical barriers (such as being hungry) and which are mental barriers (such as feeling tired or preferring an evening on the sofa).  Plan ahead to overcome practical barriers (e.g. pack a snack to eat 1- 2 hours before your run).  Use “mental rehearsal” to overcome your mental barriers: every day, close your eyes and spend 1-2 minutes imagining the feelings you may have before a run (maybe tired or not fancying going outside) and picture yourself, in detail, getting your kit on and going out for a run anyway.  Finish by imagining the experience of well-being you will enjoy after exercise.  Reinforce this mental training by reminding yourself, when it’s time for your run, how good you will feel afterwards.

By Mimi Fakhri, Hypnotherapist











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