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Dementia a story of hope (Part 3)

I had the opportunity to visit a nearby care home that specialises  the taking in and settling of dementia patients. I attended their open day workshop and explained what I was doing and outlined some of the other supportive therapies offered by the Aston Clinic.  Whilst there I met a couple who had basically reached the end of the road and had come to the centre to get any support the home had to offer.  The carers partner was becoming agitated and frustrated and she expressed that her husband had begun having violent outbursts that were becoming impossible for her to deal with. I explained that the treatment I offer could delay this final step and allow couples and families to enjoy each others company for much much longer.

Tom’s carer reports:

Week 9:  “ Did not feel well at about 2.30 pm after the session with Steve. Came home and went to bed for an hour, got up feeling much better. Continuing with the massage of head stomach and exercise of the legs. Had an appointment at the hub Sorrry steve what is that and was told he was very well. Didn’t need the memory test, and came home happy, mood OK Tom is alert and more aware of everything going on around him.”

Week 10:   “Tom has been very well, well focused, happy and jovial. He was a little upset by a family issue and expressed his views and as always tried to resole the matter. He was having a good week”

Week 11:  “Another good week. Tom was very much himself and still cracking jokes as always. He is very aware and not even forgetful. He had a very good Fathers Day and was aware of everything going on around him. Did well with the playing cards and only forgot the card once.”

Week 12:   “Tom is still good and still aware of the treatment on his head and the exercises that Steve is working on. Tom is still unclear with what is happening and why. Tom is a happy person and continues to be so. Still gardening and likes to spending time designing his garden from scratch, still playing golf and enjoying it, he seems to have a bit more concentration on the TV and doesn’t give up on it as before. Now after the treatment he can focus more on things.”

Tom had a difficult previous month but this month he has turned an important corner. His health was improved,  as has his social interaction and memory. His carer was feeling more relaxed and starting to feel very positive at the changes she could start to see in Tom.

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