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Feeling Tired and Lethargic? It could be your Liver

Your liver has probably taken a bashing over Christmas, and the past few months your liver may have become stagnated.

Liver stagnation is very common.  It usually involves an excess of toxins in your body which are normally metabolised and flushed out by your liver and kidneys. An accumulation of toxins overloads the work of these two organs causing many symptoms including:

  • Fatigue
  • Eye problems
  • Fluid retention
  • PMT and depression.

Furthermore, losing weight is difficult if the liver is not working properly.  

It is possible to improve the health of your liver in just a few weeks by making some changes to your diet and lifestyle.

A stagnant liver slows down the metabolism. Under these circumstances, losing weight becomes hard even when a strict diet is followed.

A stagnant liver also: 

  • Quickens the aging process.
  • A stagnant liver can affect the nervous system increasing the risks for depression and apathy.
  • A stagnant liver, long-term can lead to fatty liver disease which could result in diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and can contribute to heart problems.

Each person is bio chemically unique. That is why so many diets fail to work for so many people. It is therefore very important to treat each person individually taking in consideration the wellbeing of critical organs that are important for weight loss.

I will give you a short questionnaire to fill out so that I can determine how to treat you personally through nutrition, lifestyle and perhaps, if necessary, through using of specific nutritional supplements.

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