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Book your Valentines Day Massage - Gift Vouchers now available

Imagine you could buy a remedy that;

  • Eases muscular pain.
  • Reduces stress related symptoms from migraines to indigestion.
  • Improves circulation and lowers high blood pressure.
  • Naturally combats mental and physical fatigue.
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins-the body’s happy hormones.

This remedy that left you feeling fantastic and carried on having a beneficial effect for days or even weeks after.

Obviously no such remedy exists.

Massage however includes all of these benefits and more!

There are a wide variety of massage techniques which can be employed depending on a clients needs and preferences;

  • Swedish holistic massage is a good all round technique with a broad range of benefits.
  • Remedial massage tends to focus on specific muscular aches and pains.
  • Acupressure involves manipulation of pressure points to affect areas beyond the reach of ordinary massage strokes.
  • Aromatherapy uses essential oils to enhance all forms of massage. As the essential oils are absorbed into the skin they have a range of further beneficial effects.

In practice these various techniques are often combined for maximum benefit.

Stress is one of the greatest causes of illness and is implicated in many life threatening conditions. Massage is the simple, drug free natural antidote to stress.

Anyone who has experienced a therapeutic massage will tell you that apart from its benefits, it is a uniquely relaxing experience.

We are offering gift vouchers for massage and Reiki this Valentines Day at the Aston clinic, New Malden for anyone who would like to purchase a massage treatment for their loved one or family member.

We are giving £10 discount for the first 10 people that book, only £23 for half hour massage or £42 for one hour. 

Vouchers are valid for 2 months from the day of purchase.

To find out more contact the clinic to arrange on 0208 9423148 and ask to book in with Carol Melrose or Sarah Hall. Please also contact us by email

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