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Enhance Your Fertility Health With Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Has Been Linked To Enhanced Fertility Health, Our Resident Nutritionist Offers Some Valuable Advice.

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How to Avoid Text Neck?

More and more people are regularly being seen with issues related to their neck. Often when we get to the root of the problem it is often associated with 'text neck' or 'tech neck' as some people call it.

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Dealing With Grief & Loss

One of the most common reasons that leads people to seek counselling is in response to a bereavement or a loss in their life. This could be the death of a friend or loved one, a much loved pet, loss of a job, a relationship or sudden change in one's financial or health circumstances. The common denominator for all of these is that something central to one's life has been lost or altered and that it's a struggle to come to terms with it.


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Nail Health

There are many reasons, let’s look at a few.

A lifetime of trauma. Many sporting activities cause repetitive damage to the nails and over time the area where the nails are formed (the matrix) decides it needs to toughen up the nails to compensate. Thicker nails refract the light differently so you no longer see the pinkish normal nail colour.

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The onset of dementia in patients not only affects the quality of their own life but it deeply affects family members. I found that active participation of the patients family in the process is immensely beneficial and increases chances for a positive outcome.

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How to Stop Smoking

We all have habits, and some are so well ingrained that they feel like they are part of us.  Trying to change any habits can cause disruption and personal distress.

If you are a smoker it can feel as though your habit is here to stay. Giving up smoking can feel like and impossible task. Even terrifying statistics don’t seem enough to motivate you to quit.


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