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Avoid Flu and Boost your Immune System with Polyinfluenzinum

Feeling drained after a hectic summer?

Its this time of year our immune system really needs a boost.  As the season changes and autumn arrives, mould spores are more common than ever having an impact on our health, especially for those suffering from allergies. 

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How to Avoid Text Neck?

As a practising Osteopath in New Malden and Kingston, I am seeing more and more people with issues related to their neck. Often when we get to the root of the problem its associated with text neck or tech neck as some people call it.


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When to take or leave Parenting advice

Seek advice when it’s helpful; ignore it when it isn’t!

This might seem a strange way to start an article offering advice to new parents, but my first piece of advice is to be wary of seeking too much advice!


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5 Practical Tips to Immediately Improve Communication with your Partner

Good communication with our partner is the key to creating closeness, a connection and intimacy in our relationship.

Do you ever feel like your partner is not listening to you?

 Are you being accused of nagging whenever you start a conversation?

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How to Develop Positive Thinking

When we feel stressed or anxious, it can be incredible helpful to step back and investigate our thinking.  We usually accept our thoughts as true and helpful.  In reality, just because something feels true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true.

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Dealing with Grief and Loss

One of the most common reasons that leads people to seek counselling is in response to a bereavement or a loss in their life. This could be the death of a friend or loved one, a much loved pet, loss of a job, a relationship or sudden change in one's financial or health circumstances. The common denominator for all of these is that something central to one's life has been lost or altered and that it's a struggle to come to terms with it.


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Dementia a story of hope (Part 3)

For those that have been following my casestudy each month. I had the opportunity to visit a nearby care home that specialises in taking in and helping to settle dementia patients. We were attending an open day workshop and went along to explain what we were doing and to outline some of the other supportive therapies offered by the Aston clinic.

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How to Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms

We all regard Acid Reflux as a disease of the stomach and oesophagus. It’s actually acid passing from the stomach and being forced up into the oesophagus. The cell membrane here has no protection against the acid, so the lining gets attacked and becomes inflamed.


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Happy Chinese New Year : Congee - An Immune Boosting Dish

Happy Chinese New Year - The year of the dog. Traditionally Chinese New Year was to honour deities as well as ancestors. It is an occassion for Chinese families to gather for the annual renunion dinner. It is also a time to clense the house, sweep away any ill-fortune to make way for the good incoming luck.

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What causes my nails to grow thick and discoloured?

There are many reasons, let’s look at a few.

A lifetime of trauma. Many sporting activities cause repetitive damage to the nails and over time the area where the nails are formed (the matrix) decides it needs to toughen up the nails to compensate. Thicker nails refract the light differently so you no longer see the pinkish normal nail colour.

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