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Enjoy a Reiki Treatment this Mother's Day

As mums, we are constantly juggling things. Not only are we looking after our family and everything that comes with it, but most of us are also holding down a full or part time job. If you are anything like myself, when Friday arrives you feel like curling up on the sofa and going to sleep - a good 10 hours would be brilliant but, in reality, we are lucky to get 6-8 hours.

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Benefits of Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing developed over thousands of years as part of the traditional medicine of China, Japan and other eastern countries.

Acupuncture restores and maintains your health by using fine needles which are inserted just beneath the body surface at various points along the energy channels.


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Feeling Tired and Lethargic? It could be your Liver

Your liver has probably taken a bashing over Christmas and the past few months your liver may have become stagnated.

Liver stagnation is very common.  It usually involves an excess of toxins in your body which are normally metabolised and flushed out by your liver and kidney. 

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4 Sugar alternatives to try this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, seasonal Christmas and New Year’s parties bring with them countless sugary trimmings that may be too tempting to resist.

 Seasonal fare certainly doesn’t stop there, at work places the treats just keep rolling in, and every guest that visits you brings with them something extravagantly sweet. At least when cooking at home, we can control what goes into traditional seasonal desserts. 

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3 Steps to Managing your Anger

Anger is a fundamental human emotion.  It’s impossible to never feel anger.   And yet, we’re often taught from a very young age that anger is always wrong. 

In fact, anger – and its close relative’s frustration, irritation and annoyance – are a sign that we are unhappy with a situation and we want something to change.  

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Health Benefits of Eating Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a powerhouse of nutrients and this plant is very high in beta carotene, a carotenoid that your body converts to vitamin A. Eating foods that are rich in beta carotene can help protect against asthma, heart disease and reduce the risk of certain types of cancers including colon cancer. 

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Avoid Flu and Boost your Immune System with Polyinfluenzinum

Feeling drained after a hectic summer?

Its this time of year our immune system really needs a boost.  As the season changes and autumn arrives, mould spores are more common than ever having an impact on our health, especially for those suffering from allergies. 

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How to Avoid Text Neck?

As a practising Osteopath in New Malden and Kingston, I am seeing more and more people with issues related to their neck. Often when we get to the root of the problem its associated with text neck or tech neck as some people call it.


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When to take or leave Parenting advice

Seek advice when it’s helpful; ignore it when it isn’t!

This might seem a strange way to start an article offering advice to new parents, but my first piece of advice is to be wary of seeking too much advice!


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5 Practical Tips to Immediately Improve Communication with your Partner

Good communication with our partner is the key to creating closeness, a connection and intimacy in our relationship.

Do you ever feel like your partner is not listening to you?

 Are you being accused of nagging whenever you start a conversation?

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