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The Aston Clinic, founded by John Melrose D.O. MBNOA in 1953, has established itself as a centre of excellence in the Complementary and Orthodox Treatment helping the local and wider community in New Malden and Kingston.

All Practitioners, Doctors and Consultants are scrupulously vetted and have all the relevant professional indemnity insurances.

We Specialise in Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Chiropody, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Reflexology.

“I would without hesitation recommend everyone to my osteopath David Melrose... over the last 20 years he has cured diverse problems such as dislocated ribs, "locked" muscles or displaced joints in the neck or back and a repetitive strain injury in my arm.”
C.M. Thomas - Richmond Surrey

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Avoid Flu and Boost your Immune System with Polyinfluenzinum

Feeling drained after a hectic summer?

Its this time of year our immune system really needs a boost.  As the season changes and autumn arrives, mould spores are more common than ever having an impact on our health, especially for those suffering from allergies. 

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The Benefits of a Regular Massage

Research shows that long standing muscular issues require a number of sessions, over a period of time to show improvement. Professional sports people and athletes have long know the benefits of regular massage, and studies now show considerable health and wellness, for everyone.





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