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How Acupuncture can Relieve Pain - By Liz Xerri

How Acupuncture can Relieve Pain

As an acupuncturist, patients frequently come to see me for treatment to help reduce their pain. Some accept that acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory regulates the flow of qi (energy) by inserting and then stimulating fine needles at specific points along meridians (energy lines). If qi flows freely, it is thought that pain cannot exist. Others patients are a little sceptical about this “Qi” that seems to be at the centre of a TCM theory.

This article aims to investigate some examples of how pain affects the British population, what pain is and how it is currently treated. Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world and yet is still applicable for health concerns of the modern age. I hope to de mystify how Acupuncture actually works without mentioning “qi”!


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