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How Acupuncture can Relieve Pain - By Liz Xerri

How Acupuncture can Relieve Pain

As an acupuncturist, patients frequently come to see me for treatment to help reduce their pain. Some accept that acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory regulates the flow of qi (energy) by inserting and then stimulating fine needles at specific points along meridians (energy lines). If qi flows freely, it is thought that pain cannot exist. Others patients are a little sceptical about this “Qi” that seems to be at the centre of a TCM theory.

This article aims to investigate some examples of how pain affects the British population, what pain is and how it is currently treated. Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing practices in the world and yet is still applicable for health concerns of the modern age. I hope to de mystify how Acupuncture actually works without mentioning “qi”!


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Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Common Symptoms in Pregnancy

Low back pain and pelvic pain is very common in pregnancy.

Figures vary from as low as 25 % in one study compared to as high as 80 % in another.

Common conditions include;


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Cranial Osteopathy for Mums and Babies by Steve Bell

A cranial osteopathic check-up following the birth can really help pin-point potential problems with your new born and helps to ease the dramatic transition from life inside the womb to the outside world.

To find our more read see below;

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Verruca identification and the various treatments

Verrucae or warts can affect any part of the body where there is skin, not just hands and feet. Those on the weight-bearing areas of the foot normally remain flat, whilst those on non weight-bearing areas are usually lumpy and raised. Warts that are lumpy can quickly be identified as the verruca virus as looking cauliflower-like with small dark spots when viewed under a magnifying glass. Identifying those on weight-bearing areas can be more difficult as people often consider they have a verruca when in fact they have a corn or a corn when it’s a verruca.

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Ten quick checks to reduce your stress

When people seek support for stress, they usually describe their problems in terms of their feelings, or in terms of a situation with which they cannot cope. People rarely complain about their thoughts. Yet it is our thoughts which are invariably the cause of our stress. 

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Assertiveness - it's your right!

Congratulations! You’ve reached the age of xxxxxx. Chances are, you wouldn’t be reading  this if you hadn’t been assertive at some stage in your life. You once knew instinctively how to  be assertive. How did you get fed as a baby? By asserting yourself vocally (loudly!). How  did you try to get what you want when you were a toddler? At about two years old you  probably started having tantrums when you did not get what you thought you had a right to. If  you were lucky, you had an adult in your life who guided you by telling you that was not the  way to behave, that if you asked ‘nicely’, you would get what you want, that you have to  share, to compromise.

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Breakthrough for Dyslexia and learning disabilities

One of the most frustrating and in many cases, debilitating conditions (both emotionally and socially) that has plagued mankind is a condition known as Dyslexia. Dyslexia is the best known terminology for a group of conditions dealing with the inability to properly process language, be it written, spoken or symbolic numbers, for example. It does not manifest itself solely in the academic world of school as one thinks, but involves every part of our existence.

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Your body is designed in a beautiful manner to be healthy. It has many mechanisms to keep it healthy in spite of the abuse it takes. When disturbances take place with which the body cannot cope it has warning systems, usually in the form of pain. When you have a headache your body’s warning mechanism is telling you that something is wrong. A headache is generally considered as an enemy. However, when looked at in its proper perspective the headache is a friend because it is warning of some health problem which needs attention.

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Hypertension Meditation

Lack of demanding exercise usually associated with a sedentary occupation is a second major factor in causing hypertension.A person needs a minimum of five minutes per day of the type of exercise that leaves you breathless. This helps clear artery walls of adhering fatty molecules and prevents narrowing of the vessels.  Obviously a person who already has hypertension needs careful supervision in increasing his or her daily exercise safely until this minimum has been reached.

Any type of exercise is acceptable but must be done regularly. 

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