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Hypnotherapy and The Fear of Flying

Statistically, you are more likely to be kicked to death by a donkey than experience a plane crash. Unfortunately, phobias aren't terribly rational and they're rarely helpful. What's worse, is that we kind of know it.

We all experience fears and phobias. Things that catch us, take our breath away and often leave us feeling utterly debilitated. They get in the way, make life harder and can often leave us feeling smaller. Despite being able to recognise that the thing' causing us so much terror is unlikely to happen, the fear surrounding it can convince us otherwise. We get stuck between how we feel and what we believe. Flying is no exception.

Rationally, I might know that statistically it's safer to fly to Australia then drive to my local supermarket, that I am far more likely to die crossing the road then I am jet-setting off to Paris, however, it really doesn't feel that way. My head says one thing, the more emotional part of my mind screams another.

Hypnotherapy gently soothes and quietens down the fears and anxieties that result in a phobia. It helps develop and reinforce a calmer and more reasonable way of thinking. It can promote a deep feeling of relaxation, both physically and mentally, whilst allowing you to maintain the ability to focus and think clearly. The fear becomes weaker, you become stronger and your world becomes bigger.

By Sarah Hall, Hypnotherapist and CBT Practitioner 



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