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How NAET & Acupuncture can Relieve Allergies

If you suffer from hay fever or eczema, did you know that you could use acupuncture and/or NAET can bring your allergies under control?

This summer, I’ve witnessed great results using these drug free, treatments to reduce the irritation of allergies in several people.   I also had the great privilege of going out to test a beautiful horse, whose owner wanted confirmation that some of his behaviour was down to an allergy to pollen.

NAET in simple terms is a pain free method of testing, you will find what substances you are sensitive to and we will then use a simple technique to desensitise you.  Your allergic reactions become more manageable, less frequent and you will feel less irritated.  Acupuncture gives the body a greater resistance, making the body calmer and improving the immune system.

It gives me great pleasure to use these treatments and see the difference in my patients’ health and well-being. Summer can once again be spent outside and enjoyed.

Please enjoy reading this testimonial from a happy patient.  I saw her a total of nine times over the course of a year.  I also have a recommendation and photo from the owner of the horse I went out to see.

..Thank you for all your help, particularly recently with the spots on my legs, they’ve improved so much now and I only have a few remaining, cleared up before my holiday so I’m sooo happy! 

Below is my story about how acupuncture and NAET has helped me.

As a lifelong sufferer of hay fever and severe allergies, from March ‘til September my eyes would be swollen and my legs would be completely covered in red spots.  Allergies had a complete hold of me. After 20 years of prescribed steroid creams, antibiotics and medication with nothing working, I’d just about given up. 

I visited Liz as a last resort at a time when my eyes were so swollen I could barely see. Unbelievably as the acupuncture session went on I felt my eyes opening up. The days following I noticed significant improvements in my health.

Since my first visit with Liz, returning as and when I needed to, I have been blown away by the change I’ve seen. 

A year after my first session the difference in myself is phenomenal. My allergies are finally controllable.   My hay fever is almost non-existent with little need to take anti histamines at all! And my skin is the best it’s ever been. 

I can’t thank Liz enough for going above and beyond to try and help me, her advice as well as expertise has been so valuable to me. I can’t recommend her enough. 

 NAET to treat a horse with a reaction to pollen 

Liz came and used NAET to see if my horse was reacting to pollen.  He would go out and eat in his field, but had dug himself a patch of dry dirt, after eating he’d sit in this area. I could see he was sneezing and it looked like something was irritating him.  Liz used NAET, using a test kit for air-born allergens, including flowers, weeds, trees and grasses.   She used a muscle test:  I held a substance against him with one had and the other arm was used to perform a muscle test.    My arm was strong on most cases, but with weeds and grasses,  my arm became weak when she asked me to resist her pressure.  I was very happy to have my suspicions confirmed.


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Written by Liz Xerri, Acupuncturist and NAET Practitioner 07971 187551


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