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The Benefits of a Regular Massage

Research shows that long standing muscular issues require a number of sessions, over a period of time to show improvement.  Professional sports people and athletes have long known the benefits of regular massage, and studies now show considerable health and wellness, for everyone. Whether working in an office at a computer, caring for a relative or general stress caused by our hectic lifestyles.



As an experienced professional practitioner, I offer a range of massages to suit all:


Swedish Massage: which can be soothing and relaxing, helping with stress, grief, anxiety and exhaustion. 


Indian Head Massage really beneficial for relief of headaches and some migraines. It includes a wonderful scalp massage, similar to that received at the hairdressers. 


Deep Tissue Massage for a more therapeutic massage for relief of frozen shoulders, tennis elbow and backache. 


Use of Massage Machines during Treatment

Massage machines can be soothing and relaxing, as well as treating deeper issues. As an experienced therapist, I can  determine how the muscles are responding and adjust the pressure applied, and whether it is beneficial to use a massage machine to avoid excessive pressures techniques. Using a combination of manual massage with a professional massage machine, you have the perfect combination. You can avoid, in most cases, less painful pressure techniques. 

Knowledge and operation 

I am able to evaluate non-complex problems for more complex problems such as injuries or chronic pain, I am fortunate to work at an Osteopathic clinic and who can integrate guidance from practitioners with higher levels of training, if needed. 

What people think: 

Carol is fabulous I would highly recommend her for massage, I had a frozen shoulder and it has improved by 75 % 


I feel like a new woman so relaxed after Carols massage - returning soon.


Without regular massages from Carol my aching muscles give up, as would I! She's a real asset to this centre of healing. 


Introductory Offer for new clients:

A single 1 hour session - £47 (normally £52)

A course of 4 one hour sessions - £180 (normally £208)

A course of 6 in hour session - £270 (normally £312)

Offer for existing clients: Introduce a new client and when they attend their appointment, you both receive the above offer. 

Please note: All sessions include approximately 5 minutes dressing time per session. 

Contact the clinic on 0208 9423148 to arrange your massage session.

Course are valid from 4 months of purchase.


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