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Stress and how CBT can Help

Stress is unavoidable in today’s busy world and our minds are designed to manage a certain amount of this stimulation. Sometimes though, we can become overwhelmed and unable to cope with life's demands. Extended periods of stress can start to produce symptoms which have an impact on our day to day life and may lead to distress and even illness.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help. It works with the idea that our interpretations of our experiences are beliefs rather than facts, and as such can vary in their accuracy and helpfulness.

The Treatment 

The treatment combines the restructuring of thoughts and beliefs in cognitive therapy, with the behavioural modification techniques of behavioural therapy. It provides a means of examining not only the way in which we view ourselves and our environment, but also the way in which we act in our environment.

Taken together, the cognitive and the behavioural strategies within CBT, create a balanced approach to the understanding and treatment of stress. Ultimately, it helps us to think and behave in a more effective and positive way, leaving us feeling more on top of a demanding life.

By Sarah Hall

Sarah practices a number of therapeutic interventions designed to address a variety of mental and emotional needs. She offers both short and long term therapy.

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