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Baby Reflexology - The Power to Comfort and Nurture your Baby

Birth is an amazing experience and an exciting new time for a family!

However, there may be stressful moments for the baby and for you as new parents as you try and do all you can to comfort and help your child.

Baby Reflexology is a wonderful treatment where parents, using Reflexology themselves, are able to comfort and bond with the baby through touch.

If you would like any of the following this is the pefect class for you;

  • Would you like to help your baby sleep well so you can too?
  • Know how to calm and comfort your baby when they are upset or feeling out of sorts?
  • Be able to relieve colic, reflux and poorly tummies?

Learn Reflexology techniques to help your baby's sleep, wellness and digestion through one to one sessions.

Lou is also offering a 10 % DISCOUNT on their first session.

For more details contact the clinic on 0208 9423148 and ask to book in with Lou Tassell

Baby Reflex

Christine E, Surbiton - During my session with Lou she showed me how to do reflexology moves on my daughter's feet to help with her digestive issues as well as relaxation and sleep techniques. It was so nice to learn how do these correctly and confidently on my daughter's feet and to see her respond so positively. It's great as I can use them at anytime to help her or relax her. Lou has showed me how to comfort, support and bond with my baby every day which is a very special thing.  


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