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Homeopathy and Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that has been known and defined as an atopic disease. These are conditions that individuals develop after exposure to certain allergen. There is also a genetic factor i.e. familial predisposition to develop atopic diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis. These allergic conditions make the individual sensitive to certain environmental antigens or allergens. But it is important to know that there is also a stress factor related to eczema and some might go so far as to give eczema the diagnosis neuro-dermatitis, which means a skin condition that is affected by our mental conditions.

Homeopaths would take all the above definitions into consideration as we look at the individual as a whole and we are managing a deep seated condition that is giving signs of its existence on the skin.

So the first consultation will be long in order to find out about many factors- what makes the condition worse or better and examining the eczema site itself. Then, we need to study the individual personality type, as we call it the constitution of the person. Only after observing all of this detailed information will we be able to build a full, clear picture of the individual and as a consequence, the most suitable and helpful remedy.

Treatment times can vary; and it can really depend on the rapport and the understanding developed between the patient and the practitioner, as I believe without this the homeopath might prescribe remedies that would depend on an assumption of the personality type rather than on a true understanding. Unsurprisingly, these assumptions can prolong the curing phase.

My approach to treating this condition, in addition to taking into considerations the above factors:

  • Paying good attention to the general wellbeing of the person I am treating. This will include following healthy lifestyle recommendations such as: diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking, in addition to ensuring the person is looking after their mental wellbeing.
  • Treating the familial predisposing factor/factors.
  • Having the individual’s full cooperation  and their commitment to the belief that they will be cured soon , as it will be the person who will be curing him/herself and I am there to give the support needed and to guide them on the right path.
  • Looking at any obstacles that might prevent relieve and cause persistence of the condition.

I myself had been diagnosed with eczema since my infancy and had struggled with it for years, only to find the cure through homeopathic treatment. I really believe that it is the kind of treatment that would give the cure without the side effects and the marks that allopathic treatment leaves on your skin. With that kind of treatment it can be so easy to feel that there is no light in the tunnel at all but, with homeopathy it’s easy- just change the tunnel!

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