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The Benefits of a Regular Massage

Research shows that long standing muscular issues require a number of sessions, over a period of time to show improvement. Professional sports people and athletes have long know the benefits of regular massage, and studies now show considerable health and wellness, for everyone.





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How NAET & Acupuncture can Relieve Allergies

If you suffer from hay fever or eczema, did you know that you can use acupuncture and/or NAET to bring your allergies under control?

This summer, I’ve witnessed great results using these drug free, treatments to reduce the irritation of allergies in several people.  

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Hypnotherapy and The Fear of Flying

Statistically, you are more likely to be kicked to death by a donkey than experience a plane crash. Unfortunately, phobias aren't terribly rational and they're rarely helpful. What's worse, is that we kind of know it.

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The Effectiveness of Osteopathic & Lactation Consultations for Babies

Although the Worth Health organisation recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months. alot of mothers stop due to difficulties with feeding in the first three months.

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Acupuncture during Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

Acupuncture offers a safe and effective drug free treatment option.

Acupuncture treatments place emphasis on promoting preventative care to strengthen the mother and baby as well as dealing with problems as they occur during pregnancy.

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Homeopathy and Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that has been known and defined as an atopic disease. These are conditions that individuals develop after exposure to certain allergen. There is also a genetic factor i.e. familial predisposition to develop atopic diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis.

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Reduce Stress with Reiki

Are you stressed, tired and overworked?

"It is not what happens to us in our lives, it's how we deal with it", Reiki can help you achieve this.


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Lower Back Pain (part 1)

Pain of any kind is one of the major drivers for people to seek help and is one of the most common reasons patients come to the Aston Clinic for help, usually after having tried many other avenues to little or no avail.


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Acupuncture and Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an increasingly seen condition in the west and most probably caused by the many stress factors in our modern lives. It has become the most common cause of secondary dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and also a major factor in the cause of infertility.


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How to Maintain a Passionate Relationship

A long term good relationship, a passionate relationship, doesn’t just happen by chance, it very much needs to be nurtured, worked at and invested in.

The wisdom I discovered several years ago when Daniel and I first got together came from the ‘Marriage Enrichment’ course we did together.


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