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Learn Baby Reflexology Techniques

A natural, gentle and calming treatment to support your child. Birth is an amazing experience and an exciting new time for a family! However, there may be stressful moments for the baby and for you as new parents as you try and do all you can to comfort and help your child.

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Pushing back dementia; An Osteopathic approach.

As Osteopaths, we approach our patients holistically, exploring the widest range of methods open to us in the desire to restore our patients to health.

It was during a recent lecture that looked at how we Balance Ligaments in the body, that the thought of a possible new approach in tackling the debilitating problem of dementia presented itself to me.

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How to Relieve Migraines?

Migraine is the third most prevalent disease in the world, affecting three times as many women as men.  For women the higher rate is due to hormonal influences.

It is widely thought that migraine has a genetic cause.

Research shows that in the UK 190,00 migraines occur every day.


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Going through the menopause? How to reduce symptoms!

How do you know if the menopause has started?

Menopause is defined as the absence of your menstrual periods when the function of your ovaries cease causing a decrease of the sexual hormones including oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.


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Baby Reflexology - The Power to Comfort and Nurture your Baby

  • Would you like to help your baby sleep well so you can too?
  • Know how to calm and comfort your baby when they are upset or feeling out of sorts?
  • Be able to relieve colic, reflux and poorly tummies





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How Reflexology Benefits the Whole Family

Reflexology is for all the family

Whatever our age is, the human body can get out of balance very easily. Body imbalances may be due to the pressures of daily life and the complex workings of our body. 

Reflexology is a relaxing, non-invasive, natural treatment, where the aim is to naturally rebalance the body. It is based on the principle that the feet form a mini-map of the entire body. Reflexology helps disperse stress, tension and crystalline deposits, allowing your body to come back into balance naturally.



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The Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

How would you react if your GP recommends you to take dark chocolate instead of medications to prevent cardio metabolic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes (T2D) or atherosclerosis?

Likewise, what would you think if your personal trainer suggested you to eat dark chocolate to improve your performance?



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Running the Marathon?

Wellness Tip week 1 

4 Ways Acupuncture may help with your performance 

Acupuncture has now become a popular and effective form of treatment and maintenance for marathon runners. Whether you’re a casual runner or a qualifying entrant in the next London Marathon, acupuncture may help you stay on top of your running game.

As a runner, you will be fully aware of the physical fatigue and the injuries you incur. Often the injuries will heal itself with time off or with modified training regime, sometimes you may need longer periods of no running. This is usually the time a runner will seek out alternative treatments such as acupuncture and are often surprised by the results.

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Spring Clean your mind

It’s that of year again when buds beginning to blossom and the promise of sunshine, warmth and longer days is in the air. This can be in sharp contrast to the way you may be feeling inside.

Perhaps you think you should feel good when nature is springing into life but you just don’t.

Instead you carry a sense of greyness, dissatisfaction and stagnation and despite your best efforts to find it increasingly difficult to see any way to make changes that could help you feel better.


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Postnatal Depression and Homeopathy

Child birth is for many is the happiest moment for mothers, but in some it will be followed by depression, the cause of which can be down to many factors, some include;

·         Hormonal changes

·         Genetic

·         Diet and lacking certain minerals and vitamins

·         Personality


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